Tuesday, August 11, 2009

teaching is totally hardcore

So you think of teachers, you think "old lady in a sweater singing about cows." But hopefully this blog has taught you, my faithful reader(s?) better than that! Remember how incredibly useful the Korean mob was for enforcing my contract in Ansan? America is a slightly more evolved place of course: here, we sue.

Yes, I find myself being a litigious soul. Not just down south (hearing 8/31) but in nyc as well. Especially since that time that the grant foundation center (1 800 343 9073) and a lass who called herself Sylvie Ditman decided to hire me for a course, and then not pay me. Sylvie, whose # is available on request, rather prudently blocks my caller ID now, which is strange since she was the one who claimed that the check has been mailed. Of course, I did go through that phase where I simply redialed her # hours on end, back when she was going through the phase of ignoring my calls.

After making the rounds and reporting them to everyone under the sun, I could see my efforts bear fruit when, on August 5 2009, I received a phone call from (213) 804 3626, a Los Angeles phone number, at 6:34 PM EST on August 5 2009. Now, LA is also, by coincidence, Ms. Ditman's hometown. Just sayin'....

The called was a male, with no trace of an accent or any
other ethnic markers. His voice was distorted, possibly with a voice synthesizer. He said "next threat you make you gonna die." I took this to the NYPD's 115th precinct,
who said he would have to call three times in order for this to be called a criminal act. Pressed harder on the issue, NY's finest asked me "is your phone number really important to you?"

Coming this fall, I am slated to probe the minds of infants with the help of EEG's. Perhaps lab ratting will be a less arduous endeavor.


Don Slobodien said...

I am a new member of the "Screwed By Sylvie Ditman Club." I taught a 2-day workshop for the corrupt Grant Foundation Center and have not been paid and my telephone calls blocked. I have contacted a NYC lawyer and have filed a complaint with the BBB. I will also file a complaint with the NYC Attorney General's office. You are welcome to join me. Interested?

asiatown77 said...


I sued them in small claims court and won a default judgement. So can you.