Saturday, January 31, 2009

A couple of reasons why I don't update much anymore

I started this blog in 2005 inside a charmingly decrepit apartment building in Seoul, South Korea, a country which didn't know much about me except that they loathed and needed me at the same time- possibly the worst combination ever- and wanted me to stay but also wanted me gone.

Being a snarky, detached, prickish sort was dead easy under those circumstances. I could blog about the most mundane, like going to the samsung store and it would still be a fascinating experience. Plus I could write "my boss is a big hairy cockroach" with impunity.

This is no longer quite the case. Since I decided to put Jack Da though the ringer I must control myself. Additionally, going to Radio Shack here in Queens does not have the same zing as it did in East Asia for a number of reasons- and the fact that American consumer service consists of people who don't very much wish to speak to you unless you're waving fistfuls of cash is just one of those reasons.

Additionally, being in my sort of home country I find that people actually know me here. While its easy to say that you're a rebel and don't give a damn about what anyone says, we all know that there is a huge gap between what we say and what we really feel and how we really act.

So whatever shall become of my quasi reintegration? I'll have the answer shortly.
Unless I wont.