Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Some random observations thus far

After the last forty eight hours I can say the following:

Once upon a time I believed that insane heat and humidity is preferable to insane heat without humidity. I am no longer sure of this.

The closest most here have ever come to meeting a Jew was Jesus and that was a long time ago.

My accent, nineteen years after moving to the States and fourteen years after becoming, nominally at least, a citizen with equal rights, still fascinates.

It also repulses, particularly white ladies.

Salt is A flavoring, not THE flavoring. Please take note. Also, salt is not a preservative. Not ideally anyways.

I will always take honest friendship over false kindness. Please do not smile at me as if I am a large, imperfectly formed piece of shit.

On that note, if you shake my hand, please take hold of my hand physically, rather than using your fingertips to hold it. On that note, please see above regarding the smile.

You are free not to shake my hand. You do not care if my day is alright, please don't bother asking. However, do your work, and do it before the next ice age.

And try not to steal from me.

In addition to a Ph.D., I am getting an education on class and race distinctions. However, despite my designation by my doctorate peers as being of a higher class and race, I am not entirely able to bring myself to give even a mouse sized shit about this.

Alcohol does not replace human interaction.

And neither does marijuana.

I miss New York. People there tell you to fuck yourself and mean it. You gotta respect that.