Friday, June 26, 2009

So as my Malaysian, Budapestian and Parisian friends can attest, nothing ever really goes away

I have said before that living in NY cramps my blogging style even if I may live in the most intimate/isolated place on earth, where people see each other every day and still leave you be. [A funny combo by the way.] That does not mean that nothing is happening. I am on summer break before starting CUNY where my GPA bounced back to 3.7 after being down in the 2.5 range in Louisiana. Funny that. Speaking of which, the hearing with the lovely Ms. L and her fetching attorney/pet whale went well- for me. I quite enjoyed hearing Ms. L's dulcet tones as she affirmed, under oath, that we never emailed each other and than have her read those emails into the record. The pet whale did not enjoy the proceedings quite as much, likely because that was the first time she truly grasped what an outstanding clusterfuck was coming her way. She gave it a try, mumbling that I must have made those emails up from scratch, a good argument that would have been better if she hadn't been the one to forward me some of those emails in the first place.

Email is awesome. Email is terrible. Emails never really go away. When Obama wanted to fill his White House with hopeful folks he asked all of them to give a list of any bulleting board/internet chat/message board comments they ever posted. Has he gone mad? What if Eric Holder got wasted on seventy proof liquor and posted on hunkylawyers.orgy that he was looking for an albino benefactor with a seven foot long schlong?

Of course that's how men are: entirely visual. That doesn't mean that men just want boobs tho. I have known many women with big boobs who weren't worth a bucket of warm spit. We just want to get a handle on who we're dealing with. But going back to email (hey its an Asiatown blog: if you can't deal with discussing boobs, spit, psychology and email in one sentence you really should leave), it sticks around somewhere out there, for ever. Just like blogs. So when I logged onto this thing for the first time in forever and a day, I noticed that people from Asia and Europe were still checking out my old blog at

And so you should. It's masterful if I may say so. Plus it will keep you occupied as I, asiatown the non reintegrated one, sits back and watches rats tear each other apart over the possibility, albeit a remote one, of maybe getting cheese outside of a cage again sometime.