Monday, December 3, 2007

So I took off the last month to...

do absolutely nothing of interest to anyone. However, in case I am wrong (it does happen), the highlights included:

- An amazing Thanksgiving feast with a family that included the world's most hyper three (two, one?) year old. Sweet kid made sweeter by not being mine.

-A bonfire in rural Louisiana which featured copious booze and a smidgen of Antisemitism. But after Poland and Slovakia (where a witty lad declared himself, via graffiti, to be an "anti-anti-Fascist") I can't complain.

- The hell that is statistics.

- A recent visit to Lake Charles, a small, ruralish town in western Louisiana where people drank, smoked, fucked and laughed like there is no tomorrow. I trampled a golf course. Yay for the proletariat.

- A visit to the local art gallery. Yes, there are art galleries in the rural South.

- Hanging out at the AIDS fundraiser and in the process (of the visit, the art gallery and the fundraiser) meeting, I am fairly sure, every last gay/lesbian person in southern Louisiana. I counted on both hands.

- Possibily getting a shot at blogging the Democratic National Convention in '08 and getting my photos exhibited that same year. This is worth watching.

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